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What is it?

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There is a very cool and useful tool out there called Ultimate Plumber. You call it with some-command | up, and then it opens a simple TUI where you write a pipeline at the top of the screen and see results of some-command piped through that pipeline beneath it.

It is such a wonderful tool for working with pipes, but there is one problem I have: it doesn’t use the Zsh line editor.

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What makes a shell?

I recently (re)discovered the Oil shell. The last time I saw it, it was trying to write a language to subsume Bash, Awk, and Make.

However, I came back to it doing nearly accomplishing two smaller goals:

  • Writing a fast, statically-parsed shell (osh) as close to Bash-compatible as possible.
  • Developing a stricter subset of Bash from which to build a new language (oil).

And I really like it.

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Reflecting on a Compliment

Sometimes in your life it takes someone else to get you to realize just how much you know.

This is a story of about two hours of my life on February 20th, 2020.

Are you a single person?

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Using Zparseopts

tl;dr: Always use the flags -D and -E (and -F if available). Add a colon to indicate an argument is required (similar to getopt)

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