Ironing Out the Wrinkles

So I just re-installed Arch EndeavourOS on both my laptop and desktop and decided it was time to do some much needed re-architecting. I also wanted to keep track of what changes I made in this post so I can maybe someday make an Ansible playbook to set these things up.

A few new things this time:

  • I’m starting from EOS KDE edition, switch to KDE utils
  • EndeavourOS installs firewalld, let’s learn to use it
  • Tailscale
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Its Nice

It sucks when your laptop breaks. But it’s nice when you immediately know how to fix it.

Today that happened to my Arch laptop (either a grub config or kernel install problem.

All it took was:

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Thoughts on the Steam Deck

As a person who has been daily-driving Linux for about five years now, I am understandably excited for the upcoming Steam Deck and what it means for gaming on Linux in general. I just want to have some place to collect my thoughts so I could easily share what I thought of it.

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De-Googling my OnePlus 5T with LineageOS

Privacy Matters

I am known among friends and family to be a privacy-concious person. My opinion on privacy matters is that you should be aware of what you are paying with your data, then make the decision that makes the most sense to you.

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Zsh Plumber - 0

What is it?

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There is a very cool and useful tool out there called Ultimate Plumber. You call it with some-command | up, and then it opens a simple TUI where you write a pipeline at the top of the screen and see results of some-command piped through that pipeline beneath it.

It is such a wonderful tool for working with pipes, but there is one problem I have: it doesn’t use the Zsh line editor.

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What makes a shell?

I recently (re)discovered the Oil shell. The last time I saw it, it was trying to write a language to subsume Bash, Awk, and Make.

However, I came back to it doing nearly accomplishing two smaller goals:

  • Writing a fast, statically-parsed shell (osh) as close to Bash-compatible as possible.
  • Developing a stricter subset of Bash from which to build a new language (oil).

And I really like it.

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Reflecting on a Compliment

Sometimes in your life it takes someone else to get you to realize just how much you know.

This is a story of about two hours of my life on February 20th, 2020.

Are you a single person?

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